Fishing in the Algarve from a boat or beach

Fishing in the Algarve from a boat or beach. Of course, you can go sea fishing in the Algarve by boat. A wonderful experience with a good chance of spotting dolphins at the same time. For fishing on the open sea, you do not need a separate Fishing Licence Algarve. However, if you go fishing from one of the Algarve’s beaches, from the rugged rocky coasts, or from harbour points of e.g. Portimao, so very close to our flat Vila Arade, a fishing license is required, just like in the U.K. This is nowadays completely digitised and no longer available in paper form. Registration and control take place via the DGRM database.

Beach fishing Algarve

Apply for a fishing licence Algarve – Recreational fishing in the Algarve

There are several options for applying for a fishing licence Algarve, i.e. for recreational fishing in the Algarve. People who have a Portuguese bank card can arrange this at any ATM. If you are staying in one of WinteringAlgarve flats or our villa, you can apply for a fishing licence at the DRAP-Algarve. This is located in the port area between Portimao and Ferragudo. It is also possible to apply via the website This is available to non-resident residents or foreigners. Here, recreational fishing licences can be obtained with payment by bank transfer.

Sea Fishing in the Algarve