Activities in the Algarve, Portugal. Especially for the winter visitors in the Algarve there are many activities possible. Think of walking, cycling, site-seeing, visiting nature parks, card evenings, casino in Praia da Rocha, bicycle- or scooter rental, golfing or just explore the beautiful Algarve by rental car and eat delicious cheap lunches Frango Piri-Piri in the Monchique.

Flea Market Algarve

Markets in Algarve | Flea Market Portugal

Fresh food Markets, Flea Markets, Gipsy Markets near Algarve Apartment rental with Pool. There are many Markets in the Algarve to visit. The most common Algarve market is the daily fresh fruit and fish...

Carvoeiro Walkbridge

Walking in the Algarve

Boardwalks along the rocky coast an many places in the Algarve, Portugal. Walking in the Algarve. Especially for active hikers who come to enjoy the winter sun in one of our flats or holiday...

Dining and drinking at Portimao

Things to do in the Algarve

Enjoy yourself in the Algarve. Spending the winter in the Algarve is a very good decision for many elderly people. Enjoy the warm rays of the sun, the peace and the beautiful nature. And,...

Algarve Golf

Playing Golf in the Algarve

Golfers Paradise Algarve. Also in winter, when especially the elderly have to take good care of their health, it is important to get that lovely winter sun full of the important vitamin D. Of...

Beach Walk Algarve

Algarve Beach Walk

Algarve Beach Walk Also for winter guests in the Algarve, the ebb and flow of the Ocean play an important part in determining what you want to do. Which activities you would like to...

Bridge evenings and Casino

Evening or Afternoon Card Gatherings

Playing Card in the Algarve. Evening or Afternoon Card Gatherings. Elderly people who spend their winter vacations in the Algarve often make use of the possibilities to have a cosy card evening once in...

Algarve Geocaching

Algarve Geotracking or Geocaching

Electronic ‘Treasure Hunting’ can also be a sporty pastime for active seniors overwintering in the Algarve. It is called Algarve Geotracking or Geocaching.  Here, a GPS receiver/hiking device or a mobile phone with a...