Medical Care Algarve

Stay well, don’t worry in the Algarve.

Medical Care Algarve. Certainly, for elderly people who want to exchange the winter cold for a wonderful sunny holiday in the Algarve, the availability of medical care and facilities are of great importance. Fortunately, in Portugal and certainly in the Algarve, health care is of good quality. It is available in many places. Many doctors speak English and there are also doctors who speak other languages. For GP’s you can go to English doctors in many places.

Local medical centres for Medical Care Algarve.

But,  you can also go to a Centro de Saude (health centre and only open during office hours). Many Portuguese, however, usually go directly to the hospital. So waiting times can sometimes be a bit long. The quality of care is good. However, the patient rooms and the like are difficult to compare with those in the United Kingdom. Large State hospitals are found in Faro and Portimao. But in the case of calamities tourists, but also locals, often use private clinics. One is the Hospital Particular do Algarve with hospitals in Faro, Albufeira and Alvor near Portimao.
Medical care algarve

Here, too are doctors who speak English and provide excellent Medical Care in the Algarve. Take your insurance card and/or travel insurance with you when you go on holiday. Or when you go away on a winter retreat because in most cases the costs are covered, depending on your policy conditions.

International medical doctors.

English and Dutch dentists, physiotherapists, gynaecologists are spread throughout the Algarve and easily accessible. This is also true for ophthalmologists, rheumatologists, other doctors, para-medicals and health care personnel. Especially for the aged winter visitors in the Algarve, there is our Dutch/English/French and Portuguese-speaking hostess Johanna. She has been living and working in the Algarve for over 30 years. She will visit you regularly during your winter holiday in one of the flats of www.Algarve.NU and can be reached by phone. A great possibility to advise you when you would need care in the Algarve.