Autumn Holiday Algarve

An autumn holiday, Algarve, just after the first few months back at school, college or work, is your personal retreat to recharge for the upcoming winter season. Summer has already come to an end and the autumn season has arrived. It is also time when kids have their autumn school holiday break, so if you have children then they are free. An ideal time to recharge also their “batteries” for the upcoming long winter season. Autumn temperatures in the Algarve, Portugal are lovely, around 20 degrees celcius, and there is usually little or no rainfall. October and November are great months of the year to go on an autumn holiday in the Algarve, Portugal. To go to the beach and get a healthy sun tan. To enjoy a drink and a bite on a terrace with the whole family or together, or to go on some thrilling excursions.

Autumn Holiday Algarve

Going to Praia da Albufeira for a week of partying with your friends?

For partying the month October is the perfect month for an autumn sun holiday in the Algarve. Relax and unwind during the day on one of the beautiful sandy beaches such as Praia do Carvoeiro or Praia da Rocha. Not only in summer, but also in autumn you can enjoy a relaxing and sunny holiday in the Algarve. Even if it is just to get away from it all, get new energy or to recover from the busy times.

Winter destinations in the Algarve. Autumn sun holidays in the Algarve
How about a winter sun holiday in one of our winter destinations in the Algarve? Often for older people enjoying their retirement and coming to the Algarve to escape the cold winter months at home. But also to enjoy the sun’s rays, which are so wonderfully warming to the elderly bones, when it is cold or even freezing and raining at home. Many elderly people who come to spend the winter in the Algarve do so for longer periods or several months. Many take their dog or other pet with them as they too are welcome in our accommodations in the Algarve. Sometimes they also invite their (grand)children to come and visit them for a week or so. So the knife cuts both ways and everyone can enjoy a wonderful autumn or winter holiday in the Algarve.