Your own Hostess

Peace of mind in the Algarve.

How important is it, especially in case of emergency, illness or problems, to have a listening ear or a helping hand from your own Hostess? Someone who speaks your own language. And is fluent in Portuguese when you are spending the winter as a senior citizen in the Algarve? Very important indeed, especially for the elderly who come to enjoy the winter sun in the Algarve. For a short or a longer period of time. Our hostess is called Johanna -you may already know her from your holiday travels with Kras where she worked for many years- and is very experienced. The lady has lived in the Algarve for more than 30 years. She has a family and speaks and writes fluent Portuguese and “knows the tricks of the trade”.

Own hostess Algarve

She is a very valuable addition that we offer to guests who want to spend their summer and/or winter holidays in the Algarve and rent one of our flats. Johanna is widely praised (see also the reviews on the site www.Algarve.NU) for her professionalism. She knows many important or/and interesting people and places in the Algarve and visits you regularly. The fact that our winter visitors know that they have someone in the immediate vicinity they can fall back on when needed is very reassuring. And is often one of the reasons that winter visitors choose to rent our flats in the Algarve.