Algarve Geotracking or Geocaching

Electronic ‘Treasure Hunting’ can also be a sporty pastime for active seniors overwintering in the Algarve. It is called Algarve Geotracking or Geocaching.  Here, a GPS receiver/hiking device or a mobile phone with a GPS function is used. The tool to find a so-called Cache (hiding place) somewhere in the Algarve. Co-players have hidden their “treasure” – often something small in a watertight box – somewhere in the Algarve. They have communicated its location on the Internet. When the “treasure” is found, it is not the intention to tell the exact location of the treasure. The other geocachers have to find this location themselves. Often there is a hint on the site of the cache. The sport of geocaching is that you have to put in a little effort to find it. So it is a relaxing effort when you book your luxury Villa with Pool in the Algarve

Treasure Hunting

When the “treasure” is found, after logging and swapping it, you have to put it back in exactly the same place and manner. Making sure that when you pick it up and put it back, other people do not see what you are doing and where the treasure is. The finder leaves a note/log on the web.

Algarve Geocaching

Geocaching takes you to the most beautiful and unexpected places in the Algarve. Places that are often only known to the locals and where you would otherwise never come. How nice it is to finally and proudly have found your “treasure” while enjoying nature and the beautiful Algarve. An exciting and active activity with many pleasant surprises.

Are you already a more experienced Cacher, then there are other types of geocaching, among others.

Geotracking or Geocaching

The Multi caches: With these caches, only certain waypoints (intermediate points) are given. Thus at a certain point, a question must be answered or another coordinate must be sought and/or calculated. Mystery caches. The location of the cache is not given, but only a (fictitious) point in the neighbourhood. The reallocation can be found by solving a puzzle or assignment beforehand. There are many other possibilities to make your hibernation/long winter stay in the Algarve an experience you will gladly repeat.