Information. There are so many things important when you are going to have a long winter stay in the Algarve; can my dog come along on holiday, can my grandchildren come during the Christmas holidays, what are the medical facilities like, where can I find help in case of emergency, is there heating available, what are the additional costs and much more. NO worries, through everything is arranged and available.

Sunset Algarve

Need heating in the Algarve?

Be comfortable, also in winter. In your homeland, it is cold, drizzling and a chilly wind. Perhaps it is even freezing or snowing and you are tied to your home. Then the question soon...

Flying Ryan Air

Traveling to and within the Algarve

Fly or drive to your rental flat or home in the Algarve. Travelling to and within the Algarve. When you come to enjoy the winter sun during your winter holiday in the Algarve, Portugal,...

Public safety Algarve

Public Safety in the Algarve

Public Safety in the Algarve. Especially for the elderly and senior or retired people, safety is one of the most important conditions. They determine where they want to spend the winter vacation and enjoy...

Own hostess Algarve

Your own Hostess

Peace of mind in the Algarve. How important is it, especially in case of emergency, illness or problems, to have a listening ear or a helping hand from your own Hostess? Someone who speaks...

Medical care algarve

Medical Care Algarve

Stay well, don’t worry in the Algarve. Medical Care Algarve. Certainly, for elderly people who want to exchange the winter cold for a wonderful sunny holiday in the Algarve, the availability of medical care...

Pets allowed

Pets Allowed

Pets Allowed. For those who decide to spend the winter in the Algarve and prefer not to leave their dog or cat behind at home or in a kennel, taking their pet to the...